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Taco Mojo specializes in gourmet taco bar catering throughout the Denver area, featuring our own modern interpretation of Mexican cuisine from twenty-year old Cañon Catering. Fresh fruits and vegetables, house-made salsas, all-natural meats and poultry, and locally made tortillas become the focal points of a cuisine that is beautiful, delicious, and delivered to you. We will deliver and present a beautiful buffet at your home, business, or special event venue, making your event stress-free.

And just what is mojo? In Mexico, Cuba, and the Spanish Caribbean, it is a spicy-hot garlic sauce made with oranges that you can splash on everything. Our mojo is made with mangos and is featured at every buffet we serve. A little hot…a little sweet…a lot of flavor. In America, mojo has several meanings. We think this interpretation is a perfect fit.

Thinking about Taco Mojo for your Wedding Reception?

Taco Mojo is the perfect alternative to traditional, dare we say “stuffy” wedding buffets. Your guests will love Taco Mojo’s casual, laid back taco bars at your reception. We can also provide full-service options, as well, including complete setup, bartending, and cake cutting. You can begin by completing our online questionnaire, and we’ll take it from there:


mo·jo | mōjō |

noun (pl. mo·jos)

  1. A magic charm or spell — possessing a “magic touch” of creativity.
  2. Personal magnetism; confidence. He’s got his taco mojo going.

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