Delicious tacos begin with a foundation of high-quality, fresh ingredients that allow you to build layers of flavors in every bite. Taco Mojo buffets are designed so that you can create your own personalized tacos in many different flavor combinations from the best ingredients.

  • Pork Carnitas

    Our pork carnitas are first rubbed with a special blend of dried chiles and spices, then grilled until smoky and slightly charred, and finally, braised  slowly for three and a half hours.  It seems like it takes all day, but it’s worth it.

  • Grilled Steak

    Whether it’s fajita-marinated steak or steak adobo, you will love our tender, juicy, grilled steak.  It’s perfect on a flour tortilla with fire-roasted tomato salsa, and a splash of mojo, along beside our meaty black beans and rice.

  • Grilled Vegetables

    Simplicity rules with our fresh, seasonal vegetables.  Salt, pepper, and a splash of lime juice make the perfect seasoning for as many as four or five types of vegetables.  Healthy? Yeah. Delicious? Absolutely.

  • Grilled Chicken

    You may not have heard of achiote, but you’ll remember this grilled chicken.  Achiote paste, from the Yucatan, makes an incredible marinade for chicken, especially when you top your chicken taco with pineapple salsa and mojo.

  • Mango

    Fresh mango is at the heart of our signature Mango Mojo.  Served with every Taco Mojo buffet, our mojo is hot, sweet,  tangy – with a punch of garlic. If you’re looking for some heat with a lot of flavor, you found it.

  • Jalapeño

    Jalapeños are right in the middle when it comes to heat, which is why we use jalapeños for our salsas and guacamole. They also play a supporting role in many other menu items, but don’t be afraid.

  • Black Beans

    Black beans are seasoned with cinnamon, clove, and cocoa powder, creating layers of flavors that transform these vegetarian beans into something completely different, completely delicious.

  • Tortilla

    We’ve searched everywhere for the perfect tortillas, and found these right in our own backyard.  Flour and corn tortillas are best when they’re fresh and locally-made, and these tortillas rock!

  • Papaya

    These reddish-orange papayas are from Caribbean Mexico and Central America, and offer a taste of the tropics on our Mixed green salad with papaya and jicama.

  • Pineapple

    Mexico is one of the largest producers of pineapple, believe it or not.  Pair our citrus-marinated chicken breast with fresh pineapple salsa for taste of the Yucatan.

  • Pinto Beans

    Pinto beans are the most common bean in Mexican food, but these are far from common.  They’re slightly sweet and soothing, and make the perfect Mexican comfort food.

  • Cheese

    There’s nothing “cheesy” about our cheese.  It takes the right balance of tang, sharpness, and earthiness to complement a wide variety of tacos and salads.

  • Red Pepper

    These beautiful red peppers come thinly sliced with red onions in our famous fajitas.  They also star in a salad with cucumbers, radishes, and pumpkin seeds.  What makes ’em so delicious?  They’re grilled until just slightly charred for a smoky, sweet, peppery flavor.

  • Tomatillo

    Tomatillos look just like miniature green tomatoes surrounded by a thin, paper-like husk.  We use them in several of our salsas, salads, and the broth that our steak, carnitas, and chicken are served in.  They’re a work horse in the Mexican kitchen.

  • Tomato

    Tomatoes are the star of the show in Mexican cuisine. Whether it’s the fire-roasted tomato salsa or the salsa fresca, tomato salsas are everyone’s favorites. Your guests will love the fresh-sliced tomatoes that adorn our popular House Salad with grilled corn, cheese, red onion, and tortilla crisps.

  • Avocado

    Buttery, silky Haas avocados, with tomatoes, onions, peppers, cilantro, and lime juice are transformed into something unbelievably delicious – guacamole. The perfect appetizer is a dollop of slightly chilled guacamole perched on top of a house-made tortilla chip. Try eating just one. It’s impossible!