$ * per guest
  • Grilled citrus chicken
  • Shredded beef barbacoa
  • Grilled vegetables
  • Pork carnitas
  • Red chile tofu
  • Grilled steak adobo
  • Seasoned ground beef
     *please call for pricing 

Taco Mojo Wedding Bar

Our Taco Mojo Wedding Bar is designed so you can create the perfect taco bar with appetizers, just the way your guests will want it.

Choose two of the following appetizer platters:

  • Platters of fresh seasonal fruit and berries

  • Grilled vegetables with peppers and olives, drizzled with citrus vinaigrette

  • Fresh vegetable crudite with creamy avocado dressing

  • Assorted cheeses and handmade tortilla chips with fresh fruit

  • Queso blanco dip with handmade corn tortilla chips (served cool)

  • Hot Mexican bean dip with chorizo, cheese and handmade corn tortilla chips


Choose one of the following salads:

  • Green salad with Caribbean papaya and jicama

  • Green salad with pineapple, grilled green peppers, and tomatillos

  • Green salad with cucumber, grilled red peppers, radishes, and pumpkin seeds

  • House salad with grilled corn, tomatoes, cheese, and tortilla strips


Your bar includes:

    • Our signature mango mojo

    • Sour cream, cheese, and fresh-made avocado salsa

    • Soft flour tortillas and crispy corn taco shells (two tacos per guest)

    • Choice of pinto beans and rice (vegetarian) or black beans and rice (vegetarian)

    • Handmade corn tortilla chips and choice of two salsas:

        • Pineapple salsa
        • Fire-roasted tomato salsa
        • Salsa fresca
        • Red chile-roasted tomatillo salsa
        • Taco Mojo’s seasonal salsa


    • Plates, utensils, napkins

    • Warming stands to keep the hot food hot

    • Please note: Salsas are mild-medium heat unless otherwise requested.



  • Mexican sugar cookies with cinnamon and pecans (add .75 per guest)

  • Three main selections (add 3.00 per guest)


How Much Will Your Wedding Cost?

  • Please take a moment to complete our Taco Mojo Wedding Questionnaire and tell us about your wedding. Our Questionnaire is your opportunity to share your vision with us, so we can share pricing info with you! Call us at 303-683-6878.